How many people actually use the internet to find businesses?  I usually patronize a few local places and don’t go looking for new ones.

According to YELP, about 85% of consumers use the internet to find new businesses. https://biz.yelp.com/blog/survey-85-of-consumers-use-the-internet-to-find-local-businesses

If looking on the internet, why will a prospective customer wind up on your site?  There seem to be lots of other search sites they might use.

a. Aside from search engine optimization, we will have an online newsletter localized by zipcode / county that sends coupons to consumers about local businesses in their area.
b. We have a “coupon viewer” feature which we plan to expand upon that gives consumers a unique way to find deals in their area. This is a feature will be expanded to a phone app once we have enough businesses on our website.
c. We will have giveaways sponsored by local businesses that we will use to acquire more news letter sign ups.

Regardless of how inexpensive it is, how will I know that my presence on your site will actually do anything for me?

There will be coupons on our website, the consumer will most likely use our coupons when they go to the business. That will clearly let the business know that customer was sent to them from all nj shopping.

Almost everyone buys an “Entertainment Book” to support a local school or charity.  Those coupons take me to new places, and they are easily tracked. What is better about being on your site?

Our website is neither a better nor worse solution. It is simply a different one that will reach out to different consumers.

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