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In 2010 a number of small business owners were discussing the problems they faced competing in an environment heavily populated with large organizations with correspondingly large advertising budgets.  In the course of their discussion they envisioned a way to combine today’s technology and modern-day consumer behavior to bring potential customers to their businesses.  Recognizing that about 90% of consumers now use the internet to determine where to shop, they conceived of a service that would make internet advertising affordable and effective.

After working with internet marketing specialists, web developers, Google engineers, and local businesses, they developed allnjshopping.com, a website that would allow local businesses  to attract new customers while keeping in touch with existing ones.   Starting in Monmouth County, New Jersey, allnjshopping.com is expanding to the entire state.  Eventually, the service will even grow into neighboring states.

Throughout the growth and expansion of our service, however, we will always remain true to our goal of allowing small businesses to establish and maintain a presence in the community.

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